Wings Trust | Manu Wairua

Eligibility & Rules

Eligibility Criteria

  • Over 18 years old
  • A NZ citizen or resident.
  • Located within the Auckland or Northland region
  • Has a safe address or contact in Auckland* (explained below)
  • Meet the criteria for severe substance use disorder in the DSM-IV
  • Not be using prescribed opioid analgesics, benzodiazapenes, zopiclone, methadone, or suboxone.
  • Detoxification is required before admission, with 5 days continuous abstinence. Note: Medical or Social Detoxification may be required. This will be discussed by your Wings Assessor.
  • Be willing to abide by the Wings Trust rules and participate openly and honestly in the programme
  • Pre-treatment clients need to have a treatment pathway to a more intensive treatment program prior to admission e.g. Higher Ground,
    Odyssey House or the Salvation Army Bridge Programme.
  • If you’re on a WINZ Benefit or ACC – provide a breakdown prior to admission
  • No past history of sexual offending or arson
  • No current gang affiliations or violent charges

What is the criteria under DSM-IV?

Not be using prescribed opioid analgesics, benzodiazepines, zopiclone, methadone, or suboxone.

If you’re not sure, contact us.

What is an Auckland safe address?

In the event an individual needs to be discharged, we need a contact who can arrange pick-up and is located in Auckland.

They should ideally be able to arrange pick up within an hour after, if notified.

Discuss this with your Wings Assessor to see if this is a concern or if you are located in Northland.

Can whānau (family) be involved?

Whānau (your family) are encouraged to visit with your consent (the individual) and if your dedicated counsellor thinks it will be appropriate / useful.

Family counselling can also be arranged, on request.

I don’t meet the criteria – can I still join?

Unfortunately, we can only work with individuals who meet our criteria.

If feel you are eligible or have any questions, contact us.

I want to refer a client, loved one or friend

Wings Trust works with all individuals who are wanting to make a change and engage with the programme.

Any person referred will need to contact us directly for us to start the admission process.

Due to privacy and confidentiality requirements, we cannot enrol anyone without their express permission.

Principal Rules of Wings Trust

Breaking any of the following rules will result in discharge from the service:

  • Breaking confidentiality.
  • The use of alcohol or other drugs, including synthetic marijuana, legal highs or any mind-altering substance. 
  • Gambling in any form incl. Lotto Tickets, Scratchies, Tote Tickets (TAB), Pokies.  Ask your counsellor about fundraising Raffle Tickets.
  • Online gaming, in any form, is prohibited. This includes downloadable games on cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • Involvement in any criminal/dishonest activity. 
  • Bringing alcohol or other drugs onto any Wings Trust property also includes your visitors.
  • Any acts of violence – verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse or threats towards other residents, staff, or the public.
  • Entering an exclusive relationship with another Wings Trust client.
  • Smoking or vaping on any Wings Trust property.
  • Possession of any pornographic material, including online videos, pictures, DVDs etc
  • Any overnight leave without prior staff approval.

Knowledge of any of these principal rule breaks and failure to report them to staff will result in your discharge.

Our Policies

Alcohol & Other Drug Testing

Wings Trust has a policy of random alcohol breath testing and urine drug testing which is conducted by a staff member. 

On arrival at Wings Trust, you will be asked to undergo a test, random testing times and at any time if there is a suspicion of use. 

If any test is positive, you will be asked to leave Wings Trust.  You may also be discharged for suspicion of use.

Medical Policy

On your arrival at Wings Trust, the office manager will arrange an appointment with the Wings Trust-appointed doctors.  We will pay for this first appointment.  Should you fail to attend this appointment, a second appointment will be made by the office manager, for which you will need to pay.  Should you again fail to attend this appointment, you will be asked to leave Wings Trust.

Make sure that you are issued with:

  • Notification of needs assessment and service coordination form.
  • Medical assessment certificate if needed.
  • Renewal of any medication which then must be blister packed. 
  • Request a “Medication Signing Sheet” from the pharmacy that has blister packed your medication.

All medication is held and collected at the main office daily, 43 Walters Road, Monday – Friday at 8:45 am.

The exceptions (which need to be discussed with your counsellor) include asthma/heart/antihistamine/migraine and EpiPen medication.

Your weekend medication and/or vitamins are to be locked in your personal cabinets.  All over-the-counter medications must be discussed with your counsellor before purchasing.

Smoking & Vaping

Wings Trust is a smoke-free environment – which means no cigarettes, tobacco or e-cigarettes on the premises and grounds.

This is to help promote the health and well-being of all individuals at Wings Trust.

The general acceptance of smoking is on the decline in NZ and around the world with New Zealand aiming to be smoke-free by 2025. Because of the above, no smoking at all, while at the same time promoting the benefits and therapies available for giving up smoking with the introduction of a smoke-free environment.

Smoking rules mean that people will need to smoke or vape on the street. See the client's handbook for more detail.


In certain circumstances, Wings Trust permits some clients to use vaporizers (vapes). This is in line with the Ministry of Health’s position that ‘vaping is not harmless, but much less harmful than smoking’.

In line with the Ministry of Health, Wings Trusts permits clients to vape, only in the following circumstances:

  1. The client is (or has recently been) a smoker. Wings Trust does not support non-smokers vaping under any circumstances. Clients are not permitted to start vaping whilst at Wings Trust if they initially present as a non-smoker and non-vaper.

  2. If, whilst at Wings Trust, a client who enters the programme as a smoker wishes to vape in order to stop smoking or engage in a harm reduction programme, they must talk to their counsellor prior to purchasing a vaporizer.

  3. The client shows commitment to remain smoke-free and to work towards stopping vaping once their non-smoking status is established.

  4. Clients who meet the criteria for vaping can only use a ‘pod’ device (plain colour). Wings Trust does not permit clients to use devices that can be refilled with ‘vape juice’. 

  5. Clients will be asked about their vaping status, prior to and upon admission. Staff will check if any vaporizer in the client’s possession is appropriate for use. If staff deem that a device is not appropriate for use whilst the client is a resident at Wings Trust the device will be held by staff and returned upon the client’s discharge from the service.

  6. Clients are not permitted to share vaping devices with any other person