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Admission Process


There are a few phases to the admission process.

Phase 1: Eligibility Check

This can take up to 15 minutes. This is where you check if you or your client who wants to join is eligible, and be done in person or via an online video call (Zoom meeting). View criteria here.

Phase 2: Initial Assessment

This takes up to an hour and involves a call with a member of our professional team. They will understand your background and goals. If eligible, then they will start the pre-admission process which can take a minimum of 3 weeks (depending on availability and our current waitlist). Once your bed is available, you will be advised of your admission day and time.

Phase 3: Pre-Admission Steps

To assist with the transition to the Wings Trust residence a preparation list will be sent to you. This includes:

  • Items to bring
  • Health & medical information
  • Detoxification requirements
  • Legal check – e.g. informing Wings Trust of any current legal obligations (including if you're on bail)
  • Finance Check – making sure any debts or payment obligations are known prior to admission, including putting them on hold. If you're on a benefit already, inform WINZ of your admission.

Phase 4: Arrive at the Wings Trust Residence

Each individual will be supported and mentored by caring, competent staff and senior peers who will help nurture change in beliefs and attitudes to support and enhance recovery. On arrival drug & alcohol testing is carried out. Following a negative result, the induction process beings with an allocated peer, dedicated counsellor and home host.

How long does admissions take?

Admissions can take between 2- 4 weeks depending on existing availability.

Referring a client, loved one or friend

Wings Trust works all individuals who are wanting to make change and engage with the programme.

Any client referred will need to contact us directly for us to start the admission process.

Due to privacy and confidentiality requirements we cannot enrol anyone without their express permission.

Speeding up the Admission Process

To ease and make it a faster admission process, you should complete the following tasks prior to your admission date:

  • Start applying for a Work and Income (WINZ) benefit prior to arriving at Wings Trust.
  • Safe address if you leave early
  • Retain a benefit breakdown (screenshot from MyMSD)
  • If you are involved with the courts, please bring a copy of your bail conditions to your assessment.
  • If engaged with mental health services, within the past year, please try to provide medical records.
  • Let Wings know of any current legal obligations you have, that may have changed since your initial assessment.

Once your bed is available, you will be advised of your admission day and time. Upon arrival, you will be alcohol breath tested and urine drug screened. If tests return negative, you will be begin your induction process with your allocated buddy and counsellor.

Safe Address

In the event an individual needs to be discharged, we need a contact who can arrange pick-up and is located in Auckland.

They should ideally be able to arrange pick up within an hour after, if notified.

Discuss this with your Wings Assessor to see if this is a concern or if you are located in Northland.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Over 18 years old
  • A NZ citizen or resident.
  • Located within the Auckland or Northland region
  • Has a safe address and contact in Auckland
  • Meet the criteria for severe substance use disorder in the DSM5
  • Not be using prescribed opioid analgesics, benzodiazepines, zopiclone, methadone, or suboxone.
  • Detoxification is required before admission, with 5 days of continuous abstinence.
Note: Medical or Social Detoxification may be required. This will be discussed by your Wings Assessor.
  • Be willing to abide by the Wings Trust rules and participate openly and honestly in the programme
  • Pre-treatment clients need to have a treatment pathway to a more intensive treatment program prior to admission e.g. Higher Ground, Odyssey House, Salvation Army Bridge Programme or another intensive treatment programme.
  • If you’re on a WINZ Benefit or ACC – provide a breakdown prior to admission
  • No past history of sexual offending or arson
  • No current gang affiliations or charges