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Groups & Activities

Effective and practical activities to stay clean and sober for the long-run

All individuals interact with daily programmes that start from 7:30am - 12:00pm Monday - Friday.

During this time, each person engages in education and therapeutic activities, including one-on-one therapy sessions with their dedicated counsellor.


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Wings Trust Community Area

A Typical Day at Wings Trust

Days are split between the morning and afternoon.


  • All clients attend daily programmes which run between 7:30 am to 12 pm, during the week.
  • Clients engage in educational and therapeutic activities.
  • Each activity is individualised to each client, based on their treatment pathway.
  • Throughout the week, clients also attend 1-on-1 therapy sessions with their dedicated Wings Trust Counsellor.


  • Between 12 pm to 5 pm during the week, clients have free time.
  • This time is dedicated to pro-social activities that aid with rehabilitation.
  • This can include attending community meetings, admission appointments, sporting activities & the gym; or 1-on-1 therapy sessions.
  • After 5 pm, clients are required to be home for dinner with their household.


  • Dinner with household
  • Free to go to supporting 12-step meetings and community groups, such as NA, AA, OA and others.
Immersing Tikanga Māori into  everyday activities and groups

How Groups & Activities Help

Groups and activities help provide individuals with a sense of community and belonging. With a mix of holistic and therapeutic methods, we make sure a variety of evidence based models are used to assist with recovery.

Participation in groups helps normalize people experience of change and provides a rich resource of knowledge and solutions. The groups are facilitated by qualified counsellors.

Individuals receive education relating to addiction & recovery – allowing them to learn about the origins of their addiction, triggers and strategies to remaining abstinent.

Through participation (active or passive), individuals learn how to develop coping strategies and improve emotional regulation. Even if some individuals don’t feel ready to share – they’re able to learn through others experiences.

Group settings provide opportunities to practice communication, conflict resolution and other important life skills.

Activities & Group Offerings

Each helps educate and develop strategies to tackle the hardest parts of addiction.

Educational Sessions

  • New Beginnings

    Learn how addiction functions, what it is and how to effectively address it during treatment.

  • Relapse Prevention

    Learn about high-risk situations, warnings & triggers. Develop strategies on how to keep safe from substances.

  • Emotional Sobriety

    Learn about positive & negative emotions, the relationship between them, and how addiction affects emotions.

  • Psychoeducation

    Learn about mental illnesses, how to tackle it and knowing their influence on our behaviour, thoughts & feelings.

  • Mental Wellbeing

    Learn how to feel good, function well and feel connected.

  • 1:1 Counselling

    Work together with your dedicated counsellor in a private therapy session.

  • CBT Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provides actionable steps on tackling tough situations.

Therapeutic Groups

Group therapy sessions provide members the opportunity to share, learn and grow from their experiences and feelings. Through a safe and supportive environment individuals improve social skills, communication & develop stronger coping skills.

  • Gender Groups

    Split therapy group between Men and Women. Allows people to speak freely about sensitive issues and dynamics with support from staff.

  • Smoking Cessation

    Provide clients with the tools and strategies to quit smoking and vaping.

  • Weekly Gratitude

    Every Friday, have the opportunity to give back to the community by helping out outdoors or within the household.

  • 12 Step Workshop

    Listen to speakers in recovery who share their experience, strength and hope and provide information about community 12 step programmes.

  • Process Groups

    A facilitated group with peers offering feedback and sharing on day to day progress.


Members have an active role in developing new programmes and activities, and encouraged throughout the programme. 
The majority of Wings Trust’s community, culture and sessions have been initiated by current and prior residents.

  • Kapa Haka

    A group where peers connect through waiata and other cultural activities.

  • Daily Walks

    Together in a group, walk daily to build strength & connection

  • Daily Meditation

    Together in a group, focus & quiet your mind to achieve a state of calm.

  • Sports & Yoga

    Improve strength, mental wellbeing through daily yoga or sport sessions with peers.

  • Consumer Rights Forum

    Learn about your rights and freedoms in New Zealand and what can be done in certain scenarios.

  • Community Events Forum

    Together with other members discuss future activities and events for the community.

  • Te reo Māori me ōna tikanga

    Learn Te reo Māori and tikanga principles & practices

  • Family Counselling (on request)

    If you want whanau involved, this can be arranged with your dedicated counsellor.

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