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New Beginnings Treatment

Duration: 8 weeks

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What is the programme?

New Beginnings is an 8-week programme for individuals who are at the beginning of their recovery journey. In this program, Tangata Whai Ora focus on adjusting to life without substances in a structured and safe community environment.

Through the support of staff and their more senior peers, this program equips individuals with the skills they need and introduces them to therapeutic environments, so they are set up for success when entering rehabilitation.

What is included?

New Beginnings offers Tangata Whai Ora safe and supportive abstinent-based living with other members of our Wings community. During their stay, Tangata Whai Ora focus on maintaining structure and balance in their lives by implementing recovery-based routines.

Their week consists of education groups which fill their Kete with knowledge about addiction and living without substances. Our Tangata Whai Ora also participate in therapeutic process groups which helps them to become more accustomed with how treatment works in a therapeutic community.