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Community members in their residence sharing kai

Community Reintegration Treatment

Duration: 4 months

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What is the programme?

Our four-month Community Reintegration Programme is centered around establishing treatment graduates back into society by supporting them to embed the skills they have learned in treatment back into daily life.

Individuals who engage in the therapeutic process for longer periods of time have greater success in remaining abstinent. This programme offers a gentle step after intensive rehabilitation, providing the structure, accountability, and support needed for long-term success.

What is included?

  • Encouraging community members to engage in 12-step meetings to extend their support networks so they are set up for success when leaving the Wings program.
  • Role modelling pro-recovery attitudes and behaviour and being supportive of the treatment journey to our newer peers.
  • Participation in a range of education groups to expand the tools in the Kete for when leaving treatment.
  • Safe and supportive abstinent-based living with other peers in the Wings community.
  • A range of facilitated therapeutic process groups where they can share about issues they’re facing and gain feedback from their peers.
  • One-to-one therapy with an assigned Wings counsellor to discuss topics more in-depth and gain further insight and guidance from the staff.